Who We Are

J.L.Lennard partner with the world’s leading processing, filling, packaging and product inspection brands.

Building the capability of Australian and New Zealand manufacturers by matching equipment to business needs and application.

J.L.Lennard are a proud Australian and Family-owned company since 1879. Working with household brands both large and small across the beverage, confectionary, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries to access high performing machinery. Our expert team achieve this through consultation, project management, turnkey projects, commissioning, after sales service and spare parts.

What We Do

Our team has 250 years of combined industry experience delivering quality solutions for Australia's & New Zealand's best known brands.

Whether you're looking to bring new products to market, increase capacity through automation, reduce cost or improve safety practices, we have the exertise to help you.

From turn-key solutions or advisory services, to equipment sales and after care; we custom fit our approach to meet your business challenges and project objectives.

Quality Solutions.

We offer a flexible approach to your project from standalone machines to turn-key lines.


Our suppliers' machines are known for reliability, ensuring your DIFOT requirements are met.


We make sure your objectives are met, ensuring High Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Future Forward.

We supply cutting edge technology from global leaders in Manufacturing.

Built to last.

We have numerous examples of equipment still running well after 20 years.

Best in class.

In each machine class we are among the finest for quality and yield.

After sales support.

From responsive service to Preventative Maintenance Programs, we offer all levels of support to fit your needs.


We are commited to sustainability through packaging, improving your output, reducing waste and energy savings.


We represent the best in global manufacturing equipment, backed by 145 years of expertise.

Our solutions guarantee reliability, fortified by our renowned and dependable service.

Our extensive range of high-quality equipment caters to diverse industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and more. As the trusted Australian distributors, we proudly represent global leaders in processing equipment, food packaging machines, and product inspection equipment.


Best-in-Class Solutions.

We take great pride in offering a best-in-class portfolio of processing, filling, packaging, and product inspection equipment that caters to a wide range of applications.

As your trusted partner, we are dedicated to providing high-spec solutions that optimize your production capabilities. Our solutions are designed to deliver long-term cost savings and enhanced productivity to streamline your operations and drive your success.

Please select a solution


  • Mixing/Blending
  • Emulsifying
  • Dispersion
  • Crystalising
  • Pasteurising
  • Heating/Cooking
  • Cooling

Streamline, Create, & Innovate.

We provide a diverse range of processing equipment sourced from industry-leading suppliers, tailored to meet the unique requirements of the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and non-food sectors.


  • Dry Filling
  • Liquid Filling
  • Multi-head weighers
  • Linear weighers
  • Volumetric fillers
  • Vibratory fillers
  • Auger fillers
  • Counters

Rapid, Exacting, & Versatile.

Our machines are engineered to deliver accurate and consistent product filling, catering to a wide range of substances such as liquids, powders, and solids.


  • Pre-made stand up bags
  • Reel Feed bags and pouches
  • Single serve sachets
  • Cups, tubs and bottle filling and capping
  • Cartoners / bag in box
  • Sleeving
  • AugCase packing / Wrap Around / Shelf readyer fillers
  • Palletising

Efficiency, Flexibility, & Scale.

Our machines are designed to optimize packaging processes, encompassing a wide array of products such as sachets, snack bars, flexible and rigid containers across diverse industries including beverages, food, and pharmaceuticals

Product inspection

  • Metal Detection
  • X-Ray Inspection
  • Checkweighers
  • Average Quantity System (AQS)
  • Bag Seal Inspection
  • Cap seal inspection
  • Foil seal inspection
  • Line monitoring software

Precision, Protocols, & Safety.

We are specialists in product inspection systems and can provide advice and equipment on a variety of high-quality inspection systems suitable for both packaged and non-packaged goods.


Across industries and applications, we can support you with specialised solution.

Baked Goods

Explore our diverse selection of machinery tailored for the production of wafers, wafer balls, fillings, creams, and ganache. Discover our range of semi-automatic and fully automated packaging solutions designed to wrap bread, flatbreads, rolls, biscuits, cakes, pies, sausage rolls, and pastries. We also offer turn-key solutions including robotic loading, flow-wrapping, bagging, cartoning, and case-packing systems, ensuring a seamless end to end packaging solution. Additionally, we provide cutting-edge product inspection equipment, offering enhanced security against foreign objects, product integrity and precise weight controls.


Talk to us about manufacturing plant-based milks, smoothies, cream liqueurs, flavored milks, and sugar syrups preparation. We specialise in bottling non-carbonated beverages, offering options for glass or PET bottles and jars. Additionally, we provide cartoning solutions for bottles and jars, including carton multipacks, fridge packs, and cases. Our seal integrity inspection ensures the quality of bottles, jars, PET, and cans, providing peace of mind for your products.


At J.L.Lennard, we offer state-of-the-art machinery designed for the safe production and handling of organic and inorganic chemicals. Our equipment caters to a wide range of products such as fertilisers, pesticides, synthetic resins, lubricants, paints, and adhesives. With our efficient packaging solutions, these items can be packaged into various formats like rigid containers, bags, sachets, bottles, jars, and cans, ensuring safety, ease of handling, and transportation.


We cover various aspects of  confectionery manufacturing, including specialised process equipment for producing  ganache, glaze, spreads, jam, marzipan, cream fillings, nut pastes, and  pralines. Additionally, there's equipment dedicated to reclaiming product wastage  for reprocessing. For packaging we provide multi-head weighers for precise  dosing, counters, machinery for sorting and wrapping chocolates, candies, bars,  liquorice, gums, and sweets, as well as end-of-line systems for pick-and-place  into trays, cartons, and case packing. For quality control explore our range  of checkweighers, metal detectors and X-ray inspection equipment.


Discover our comprehensive lineup of equipment crafted specifically for the processing, packaging, and inspection of dairy products, spanning beverages, yogurts, creams, butter, cream cheese, and vegan cheese. Following processing, we meticulously ensure precise portioning through volumetric filling or dosing weighers, ready to be packaged into rigid containers, wrapped, or bagged, and if required automatically case packed. Our range of product inspection equipment will check for correct weight, foreign contaminants, and container leakage.

Grocery Items

As a major supplier of machinery for the grocery industry, we offer an extensive range of processing, dosing, packaging, and case-packing equipment. Our solutions cater to a variety of powdery dry foods like flour, coffee, tea, milk powder, cake mixes, granular products such as herbs and spices, sugar, rice, as well as liquids such as sauces, pastes, honey, dips, and spreads. We offer diverse packaging methods, including cans, bottles, tubs, trays, sachets, stand-up bags, brick-packs, and flow-wrapped pouches, along with sleeves, end or top load cartons, shelf-ready cartons, RSC or wrap-around cases, or tray and lid configurations. Additionally, we offer the option to include checkweighers, x-ray, and metal detectors tailored to the specific application.

Meat, Poultry & Seafood

Our extensive equipment selection provides solutions  for processing raw, marinated, crumbed, fresh, or frozen meat, fish, and  poultry. We provide specialised mixers for batter and coatings, along with  equipment for the meticulous preparation of brines. The end product can be  precisely weighed and portioned into trays, bags or seamlessly flow-wrapped  for added convenience. Our high-precision inspection systems ensure thorough  scrutiny, capable of detecting foreign objects with exceptional accuracy,  even as inconspicuous as a fish bone.

Pet Foods

We provide a range of processing equipment specifically for making pet food. Our machines can extrude, cut, mix, heat, cool and disperse powders into liquids to create gravies and gels. Once the food is ready, it is weighed accurately and put into single serve pouches, stand-up bags, flow-wrapped or packed into rigid containers, sealed, and tested for leaks. If necessary, the products are then arranged into cartons and cases. Product inspection is meticulously conducted using metal detection or x-ray technology, including locating glass contaminants in glass jars. Our check weighers are AQS compatible to meet regulatory requirements.

Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Veterinary, & Personal Care

For over 60 years, J.L.Lennard has been a trusted name in the pharmaceutical industry, providing top-quality tablet presses, filling equipment, processing machinery, blister packers and cartoners, for tablets, creams, lotions and suspensions. Today, we proudly offer modern, high-speed equipment for these essential applications, while also expanding our offerings to include sterile filling and packaging machines, product inspection solutions, and a diverse range of machinery tailored for pharmaceuticals, veterinary products, cosmetics, and personal care items.


Our equipment is tailored for processing fresh produce, ideal for soups, stews, juices, sauces, dressings, prepared baby foods, vegan options, and beverages. Once processed, the final product can be accurately weighed, dosed, counted, or portioned into trays, rigid containers, flexible packaging, or flow-wrapped, and then seamlessly case-packed. We prioritise product quality, subjecting all items to stringent inspection utilising metal detectors or x-ray machines, and meticulously checkweighing to ensure precise weight accuracy.

Ready Meals

Discover our array of equipment tailored for ready meal preparation, that includes, mix, cutting, emulsifying, blending, cooking, and cooling, before being portioned into trays, bags, or upright containers. Trays can be cartoned or sleeved and all packaging can be efficiently case packed automatically. Additionally, each product undergoes thorough inspection for foreign contamination, using either metal detection or x-ray machinery and then check-weighed to ensure accurate portion weights.


We have machines for making distinct types of snacks, like extruded snacks in many shapes, sizes, and wafers that can be flat, hollow, or filled. Our machines can also sort, organise, weigh, and count snacks, such as bars, crisps, cereals, and nuts. Smart weighers make sure mixed nuts have the right mix in each pack, so you get the correct amount of distribution in each bag as you require. We can pack snacks quickly and efficiently into various kinds of packages like cartons, rigid containers, stand-up and flexible bags, and flow-wrapped. Individual products can be packed into shelf display cartons or directly into shippers for transportation. A range of inspection equipment such as metal detectors, x-ray and checkweighers ensures product integrity.

Our Customers

Our equipment is installed in over 1,000 factories in Australia and New Zealand, helping to deliver world class food and pharmaceutical products.


What our clients say

Dealing with J.L.Lennard has been a great experience since our first contact. Steve has been very helpful with information and has always strived to give us the best solution by understanding what our company does and the type of customers we serve. We loved the fact that the professionalism has been carried through from sales, factory acceptance test, commissioning and repeat training.

Australian based after sales support and servicing is extremely important for us and J.L.Lennard did not disappoint. The technician assigned to our business was very knowledgeable and has gone through detailed training for the equipment we purchased. I would not hesitate to recommend J.L.Lennard.

Advanced Pet Care of Australia Pty Ltd
Shirlyn Lao, CEO

J.L.Lennard provides our yearly service for our metal detectors and check weighers. One of the services that impressed me is the online support from J.L.Lennard. This brings confidence to the customer that we have a service provider who is there for us at all times when we encounter problems.

This goes to show that we will continue to do business with J.L.Lennard and have your support in the future as well.

Trukai Industries Limited
Carlson Wahune, Engineering Manager

The team at J.L.Lennard demonstrated a profound understanding of my technical challenges. They not only addressed my immediate concerns promptly but also took the time to explain the root causes and provided valuable insights to prevent similar issues in the future. The support staff is not only highly skilled and knowledgeable but also patient and courteous. They walked me through each step of the troubleshooting process, ensuring that I felt confident in the solutions provided.

Central Pacific Trading Pty. Ltd.
Patchara Saipattana, Production Manager

J.L.Lennard have always proven to be a reliable and dependable, overall, a solid supplier.  Great sales and engineering team with strong product knowledge sharing has developed confidence in our business partnership.  Lennard’s have always listened to our requirements and have been able to provide the appropriate solution.

Maltra Foods
Roman Eydlish, Joint General Manager

We are very satisfied with the performance of our Anritsu equipment along with the support provided by J.L.Lennard for our six-monthly calibration requirements and after sales service.

Wing Hong Foods
Sam Leung, Director

We have completed many projects with J.L.Lennard using their Anritsu range of products and always been very satisfied. Professional service from the sales right through to the service team.

Metric Engineering Solutions
Cameron McKenzie - General Manager

J.L.Lennard made the purchase of a new machine simple. They kept us updated all the way through and ensure everything operated as promised. Great to work with.

Pasture Petfoods
Damien Fergus, Chief Operating Officer

J.L.Lennard is quick to respond whenever we require support.

GMP Pharmaceuticals
Anthony Sandoval, Process Engineer

When searching for laboratory emulsification and mixing needs, J.L.Lennard made the selection and understanding of what equipment we needed really easy! Using their demonstration facilities running trials of our materials meant a truly ‘seamless’ transition from demonstration trials, purchase of a Silverson mixer, to our laboratory development and subsequent larger scale production manufacture. The whole process and support provided by J.L.Lennard was excellent.

Castle Chemicals
Graham Hatfield, Technical Manager

I have worked with J.L.Lennard Pty Ltd and Silverson Mixers in multiple companies for over 6 years. The team is highly professional, knowledgeable, reliable and competent regarding the level of technical support and customized service provided. They not just sell the equipment but help to find an optimal solution meeting the specific requirements of Research and Development, scaling up and manufacturing. Highly recommend the company to anyone wanting a reputable supplier and service provider.

Dr. Alex Galkin, Senior Executive and Business Leader

After approaching several companies selling similar products relating to our project, I found the prompt and detailed responses I received from J.L.Lennard to be at a level above and beyond the competitors. The sales and technical team are very knowledgeable, helpful and after the purchase of our first unit continued to be a great source of help and advice. I faced few issues with installing and using what I had purchased, due to a very well put together package and documentation to support it. And small problems I did have were promptly and very professionally dealt with.

As such, I had no hesitation in approaching the J. J. Lennard team again to discuss a much larger unit, which is much more complex. Aside from reasonable pricing, the support and advice offered cannot be faulted. I expect to be doing business with J. J. Lennard for any and all things we require, within their scope of expertise, in the future. Advice. Technical prowess. Logistics. Installation. Commissioning. Continued support. It’s all here for me, whenever I need it.

Sicona Battery Technologies
Cameron Russ, Process engineer

J.L.Lennard has been our trusted automation partner for 25 years. Aside from the technical merit in the products and services they offer, the hallmark of our partnership has been the team spirit they bring to the table. Whether during commercial negotiations or progressing projects when faced with challenges such as during Covid19 pandemic, J.L.Lennard has been an indispensable partner that seeks to understand and assist the customer achieve their business goals.

Baxter Healthcare
Simon Yoon, Head of Manufacturing Operations​
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